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Crochet Mexcino - Artisanal Art

¡POR FIN! – a remarkable venture that brings forth Mexican artisanal crochet products, infused with contemporary design sensibilities and an artistic flair. At the heart of ¡POR FIN! is Ana a Playense, the driving force behind our creations. With a profound passion for crafting and a keen eye for design, Ana meticulously curates and customizes each piece in collaboration with her clients.

What sets ¡POR FIN! apart is the unwavering commitment to using natural materials and customized design. Guided by a deep respect for the environment and a desire to empower local communities, Ana partnered with the Playa Maya community. Exquisite artisanal crochet art objects that seamlessly blend into daily life or elevate the aesthetics of any living space.

Ana's dedication to her craft, combined with the skilled hands of the Playa Maya community artisans, results in a symphony of creativity and tradition. From fashion-forward accessories to home decor accents, each piece embodies the soul of Mexican craftsmanship and contemporary artistry.



Solar Hybrid Water Heating System

Allow us to introduce Solesyto, a revolutionary solar hybrid water heating system meticulously crafted to conserve conventional energy resources and play a pivotal role in safeguarding the environment. By significantly reducing carbon footprint, Solesyto champions the cause of eco-system preservation.

Behind this groundbreaking innovation stands Andres, the visionary founder and managing director of Energryn. It is his ingenuity and passion that have brought Solesyto to life, redefining energy-efficient solutions in the most impactful manner.


Home Service

Gardening - Pool - Roof - Handy man
Service & Maintenance

Introducing Frank, a true local of Playa del Carmen, and his dedicated team. They provide homeowners with the vital services needed to uphold their properties in the distinct climate and region of the Caribbean. Frank's extensive expertise and unyielding dedication to quality assurance ensure that you can trust in the excellence of their work.

home service


Solar Panel Energy System

Solarfuel, a company with extensive industrial experience in solar panel energy systems, has now brought their expertise to the Mexican Caribbean region. They address the crucial requirements for solar technology and installation in both residential and industrial sectors. Under the guidance of Bruce, the Managing Director, Solarfuel has tailored its products and solutions to precisely match the needs of this unique region.

What sets Solarfuel apart is their diverse range of financial models. They don't merely provide the ideal solution; they also offer expert guidance on the financial investment required for these solutions. Bruce and his team understand the importance of not only delivering the right solar solution but also ensuring that it's accessible and financially viable for those seeking sustainable energy options.


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