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What is the prevailing realistic cost for transportation from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen? I have encountered varying pricing proposals from different taxi service providers, which has led to uncertainty and apprehension.

Navigating the taxi prices at Cancun Airport can indeed be a challenging experience, with varying rates proposed by different service providers. Unlike shared buses or ADO, the Mexican Coach Transport company, taxis lack fixed prices upon arrival. The fare can hinge on your appearance, arrival time, and your negotiation skills, leading to frustration and apprehension.

Instances have arisen where agreed-upon prices are disregarded, pressuring travelers to pay more than expected. This situation can be intimidating and unsettling. Online forums abound with these accounts.

To mitigate these concerns, Comp@laya offers a private driving solution. This service addresses the recurring issue faced by both visitors and locals alike. As community members voice their grievances and share their stressful experiences, it's evident that the current system falls short. Not all taxi operators act in this manner, but regrettably, such incidents have become increasingly commonplace in recent years.

Comp@laya stands by the principle of fair, fixed prices, prioritizing your well-being and safety. We're committed to ensuring your introduction to this Caribbean paradise is seamless and enjoyable. Our aim is to eliminate unnecessary stress and provide you with a positive, hassle-free experience right from the start.

Daily beach exploration is our routine in the Riviera Maya. Exploring various beach sections fuels our adventure. Comfortable beach amenities are a priority, yet the challenge lies in the attachment to beach clubs demanding minimum consumption – an expense we wish to avoid daily. Furthermore, our preference for specific beach locations complicates the availability of rental options. We're seeking a solution for accessing and utilizing these amenities throughout our stay. Can you guide us on obtaining these items independently and efficiently to enhance our daily beach experiences?

Comp@laya has heeded the voices of our community and friends. Recognizing the challenges faced in maximizing beach enjoyment in the Riviera Maya, we present a solution: beach chair, parasol, and cooler rentals. These essentials ensure your perfect beach day.

Too often, visitors to Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya grapple with bulky purchases or wasteful discards. Our rental service provides the smarter, eco-conscious choice. No need to buy and discard—opt for convenience and sustainability.

But we don't stop there. We understand the hassle of toting gear back and forth. That's why we offer storage until your next visit, adding a layer of ease to your beach routine.

Comp@laya is committed to elevating your beach experience while respecting the environment. Discover a smarter way to beach bliss. Get in touch to unlock the benefits of our rentals today.


Have you ever found yourself scouring the web for solutions to the everyday hurdles you encounter during your stay in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya? Are you seeking a reliable source that can offer unbiased, crystal-clear information without the push to buy unnecessary products? 

Imagine having a conversation with a trusted local friend – someone who genuinely cares about your experience and provides you with honest guidance. 

At Comp@laya, we're here to be that trusted companion, offering you the insights you need for a smooth and enjoyable stay, just like a close friend would. We're not just here to advise; we're here to stand by your side whenever you need us.


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Why do we need a comp@ - a friend in Playa?

Have you ever thought about how frustrating it can be to need help as a (inter)national tourist or expatriate in a foreign country or even in your own country? 


There are so many questions and problems that need to be solved and often we don't know who to turn to. Imagine you are standing on a busy street surrounded by unfamiliar faces and a language or dialect that you do not understand. You have an urgent question, but nobody seems to be able to help you. 


It's a feeling of helplessness and confusion that can overcome us all. But let comp@laya provide you with a solution - a resource like a real friend to count on in moments like these. 


There are specially trained or experienced people who can help you solve your problems and answer your questions. They are the experts you need to navigate this unfamiliar environment. Those heroes in the background are the local friends like comp@laya, social charities and consulates. 


They are your contact for all your concerns. Whether you are looking for information about attractions, public transport or cultural events, they have the answers. They have extensive knowledge and experience of the country and its customs and can give you valuable advice. But not only that, they are also there to help you in emergencies. For example, if you lost your passport or need medical assistance, they are there to help you. They care about your safety and well-being. Remember you are not alone. There are people willing to help you and show you the way. 


Use this resource to enhance your study abroad experience and make your trip unforgettable. So the next time you're in a foreign country and need help, now you know who to turn to. Trust the experts, local friends and consulates to help you. 

You will not regret it because with their support you will get the most out of your trip and will feel safe and comfortable. We in comp@laya believe that the most common supports needed are in these four areas of daily life abroad and in this vast country, which we offer to make you feel supported and safe to enjoy your stay.

 ¿Why do we have PCA?

comp@laya (P)ersonal (C)oncierge (A)ssistants consult is at your side with extensive expertise and professionalism to help you with all the demanding tasks of daily life in Playa del Carmen. Our services include opening bank accounts, buying used or new vehicles, finding tradespeople, providing emergency medicine and assistance with car accidents and car breakdowns and more. With our well-founded expertise and our serious approach, we always strive to fulfill your request precisely and efficiently.

¿Why does it exists PDA?

comp@laya (P)rivate (D)riving (A)ssistance offers you the personal touch and convenience safely to your destination in the Riviera Maya with private Cancun airport transfers, tour transport within the Caribbean Peninsular States (Yucatan, Quintana Roo) and tailor-made travel transport. Our service is characterized by expertise, formality and professionalism. We specialize in providing you with a premium experience and meeting your unique needs. Rely on us to make your trip a smooth and enjoyable experience.

¿Why do we need BRA?

comp@laya (B)each (R)ental (A)ssistance offers comfortable beach rentals to enjoy your daily beach visit. We offer you professional beach chair rental, beach umbrella rental and beach cooler rental. Our expertise and formal approach ensure you enjoy your time on the beach to the fullest.

¿Can HSA help us really?

comp@laya (H)ome (S)avings (A)ssistance offers you expert advice on alternative green cleaning solutions for your home. We are experts in solar energy, solar water heating, humidity control, energy efficient automation and water treatment systems. Thanks to our extensive expertise and our professionalism, we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions. Trust our expertise to find a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your home.


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