“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1803 - 1882)


Throughout our journey, comp@laya is committed to making the right efforts towards the local community, the surrounding environment, and the people. We aim to create a sustainable and viable outcome that will inspire the next generation to follow suit.

It's the small steps that shift our perspective on life and lay the foundation for the future we aspire to inhabit.

Our goals revolve around taking these small steps, utilizing the expertise available. By translating these intentions into actions with the right spirit, we elevate and fulfill our lives.

Compalaya Volley Sr. Players & Committee

The core strength of our Playa Beach Volleyball group resides in its senior players, coaches and their invaluable guidance. Their unwavering dedication serves as a beacon for fellow players, inspiring improvement and enhancing performance. Through their mentorship, newcomers are not only able to refine their skills but also relish the thrill of applying them in actual matches.

Compalaya Volley

On February 27th, 2023, Compalaya Volley was founded by five exceptional individuals from the top levels of business and sports. Gathered in the tranquil setting of the Caribbean Riviera Maya, nestled between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos, these individuals shared a profound love for volleyball and embarked on a mission to enrich the lives of others.


Their diverse backgrounds, spanning from professional volleyball to academia, business, and family life, brought a wealth of experiences and insights. Guided by the motto of "sharing, giving, and taking without fear of misuse," they aimed to make positive contributions to the local Riviera Maya community and beyond.


Driven by a deep desire to share their knowledge, particularly in volleyball, Compalaya Volley's mission transcended sports. It embraced aspects of life, business, and human connection, striving to elevate lives through values like sportsmanship, respect, and meaningful engagement.


Since its inception, Compalaya Volley has experienced remarkable growth, a testament to the resonance of its honest and sincere direction. Starting with a core group of 160 local and international players based in Playa del Carmen and beyond, we have expanded to include 210 members from affiliated independent volleyball groups across Mexico. With a total of 370 individuals and growing, this steady rise reflects the widespread acceptance of Compalaya Volley's philosophy and its alignment with our members.


However, beyond the numbers, the true essence of Compalaya Volley lies in the unwavering commitment and quality of its members. Our community stands as a living testament to the power of authentic connections and shared values, inspiring camaraderie and dedication. Ultimately, it is the depth of sincerity and genuine engagement that defines our success, transcending statistics and enriching lives in profound ways.


Our core projects involve offering professional-quality volleyball knowledge, experience, and guidance to those striving for excellence. Compalaya Volley is committed to providing this support without any conditions via social mentorship and coaching. Our motto, "join, play, and enjoy the playa volleyball spirit," encapsulates our mission.


Social coaching and mentorship play pivotal roles in the journey towards advanced levels in volleyball. Achieving excellence requires guidance from individuals with practical and theoretical expertise. A coach or mentor can offer invaluable insights, analyzing techniques, pinpointing areas for improvement, and providing tailored advice.


Their wisdom serves as a catalyst for unlocking potential and propelling players towards success. With dedication, passion, and the right support, players can thrive in the exhilarating realm of elite volleyball. The Compalaya Volley Committee recognizes the importance of coaching and mentorship, drawing from personal experiences and a deep love for the sport. We foster a supportive community where members stand by each other, embodying the true spirit of volleyball.


Let's continue to embody the true playa volleyball spirit together.

Michael, formely  national league volleyball player 
&  assistant coach in Germany spearhead this social project in Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya.

Martin, a temporary  "Playense",an experience Volleyball  player from Germany with 30 years of coaching and play 

supports this social project with his volleyball experience, knowledge and skills.

Quality Engineered
Beach Volleyball
Playa del Carmen

comp@laya brings together the collective knowledge and expertise of professional volleyball players, coaches, and academic researchers from both national and international backgrounds to the benefits of the growing Playa beach volleyball community. This collaborative effort aims to bridge the gaps in volleyball knowledge within the local Playa community, elevating the quality of the game and offering essential educational resources in this sport discipline.

By doing so, comp@laya is introducing valuable volleyball insights to the Riviera Maya region, benefiting the local community and enhancing the overall quality of the sport in the area with satisfaction at the play.


Beach Volleyball Tournament


February 2024

Beach Volleyball Tournament


September 2023

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