“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1803 - 1882)

Beach Volleyball
Playa del Carmen - Riviera Maya

Michael, formely  national league volleyball player 
&  assistant coach in Germany spearhead this social project in Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya.

Frank, a local "Playense" experience Beach Volleyball  player in Playa del Carmen with 20 years of play 

supports this social project with his volleyball experience, knowledge and skills.

Quality Engineered
Beach Volleyball
Playa del Carmen

comp@laya brings together the collective knowledge and expertise of professional volleyball players, coaches, and academic researchers from both national and international backgrounds to the benefits of the growing Playa beach volleyball community. This collaborative effort aims to bridge the gaps in volleyball knowledge within the local Playa community, elevating the quality of the game and offering essential educational resources in this sport discipline.

By doing so, comp@laya is introducing valuable volleyball insights to the Riviera Maya region, benefiting the local community and enhancing the overall quality of the sport in the area with satisfaction at the play.

Our local Playa Beach Volleyball Moments

"Experience the genuine impact of players and their remarkable plays... capturing precious moments that last a lifetime, crafting the unforgettable memories we all cherish in life." Michael, Playa del Carmen

Beach Volleyball Core Playa Players

The core strength of our Playa Beach Volleyball group resides in its players and their invaluable guidance. Their unwavering dedication serves as a beacon for fellow players, inspiring improvement and enhancing performance. Through their mentorship, newcomers are not only able to refine their skills but also relish the thrill of applying them in actual matches.

Group Lead Volleyball Players

Michael, a former national league volleyball player and assistant coach in Germany, has taken the lead in an impressive social project in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. His deep expertise and unwavering enthusiasm for sports and engineering background have left a profound mark on the local community.

This initiative not only showcases Michael's volleyball prowess but also acts as a platform for social advancement. By actively involving the locals, especially the local youth of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, he has opened doors for them to acquire vital life skills through sports.

Michael's relentless dedication to this cause has garnered recognition. His unwavering commitment to instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and a respect-conscious lifestyle has positively impacted numerous individuals. His influence extends beyond mere athletic enhancement; he has sown principles that transcend the volleyball court.

Collaborating closely with local schools and community centers, Michael's project has gained significant momentum. It stands as a beacon, illustrating how sports possess the potential to be a force for constructive transformation. Through empowerment and the nurturing of potential, young and local minds find their wings.

Michael's journey from a volleyball player and coach in Germany to a pioneering engineering figure in Mexican social projects serves as an inspiring narrative for all. His story exemplifies the profound impact of an individual's determination to effect change and shape a brighter future for others.


Frank, a seasoned local Beach Volleyball player with two decades of experience in Playa del Carmen, is a pivotal pillar of support for this transformative social project. His extensive knowledge, honed over 20 years on the court, brings unparalleled value to the initiative.

With an unwavering commitment, Frank imparts his expertise to budding athletes, enriching their skills and nurturing their passion for the sport. Beyond volleyball, his engagement inspires locals & youngsters, highlighting the potential for personal growth and community unity through sports.

Frank's journey serves as a living example of perseverance, fueling the aspirations of lcoal & young participants. His influence extends far beyond the game, fostering values of teamwork and dedication.

As a respected role model, Frank's collaboration elevates the project, leaving an indelible mark on participants' lives. His partnership underscores the project's mission to harness the power of sports for positive and lasting change.

Comp@laya Volley Projects

Nov, 2023

Project - Comp@laya
Volley Sponsorship

Michael - Comp@laya from Playa del Carmen & Andres - Solesyto from Puerto Morelos are supporting local competing teams at  the Playa tournament with their sponsorship in technical Volleyball consultancy, and mentoring strategical before and during this tournament, with the mission to promote and enhance local beach volleyball capacity and  competing teams in the  Riviera Maya Beach Volleyball.

Sept, 2023

Project - Tournament Puerto Morelos

Andres - Solesyto from Puerto Morelos and Michael - Comp@laya from Playa del Carmen are supporting the tournament with their participation, technical expertise, and management know-how, with the mission to promote Riviera Maya Beach Volleyball and local Mexican businesses in the region.


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